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She becomes pregnant by Pablo, but claims that Clemente is her son's father. His parents are Elías (Roberto Carnaghi) and Dana (Mirta Busnelli), and his sister Gabriela (Violeta Urtizberea) works at Mc Can and has been unlucky in love.Andrés maintains his friendship with two high-school classmates: Benjamín "Tuca" Pardo (Mex Urtizberea) and Verónica Diorio (Julieta Ortega), who runs a radio station which plays 1980s Argentine rock music.

The telenovela featured cameos and guest appearances by Argentine rock musicians and other celebrities.María Laura keeps in touch with her best friend in high school: psychiatrist Victoria Lauría (Paola Barrientos), a single woman looking for a couple with whom to have a surrogate child.Guillermo Almada (Juan Gil Navarro), another classmate, takes a job at Mc Can and comes out during a meeting of the graduates.The telenovela's proposed second season was renamed Viudas e hijos del Rock and Roll, with most of the cast and similar storylines.Local versions of the series have been made in Chile, Colombia, Greece and Serbia. María Laura Falsini (Nancy Dupláa) is the girlfriend of Pablo Catáneo (Luciano Cáceres), the school bully.

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