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Lacey Brown, who lost in a sing-off with 9th placer Megan Joy, later made the following season's Top 12 where she became the first finalist voted out.

The 36 contestants performed in three groups of twelve and sang songs that were Billboard Hot 100 hits.

Each week two males advanced however it was never revealed who was the highest voted and which advanced through the non-gender specific slot.

Following those nine singers advancing, eight of the remaining 27 semi-finalists were selected by the judges to compete in the Wild Card round.

The judges were given the power to exercise a veto on one eliminated contestant in the finals and spare them from elimination for that particular week.This can only be invoked up until the Final 5 (Final 6 for seasons 13 and 14).The following week two contestants will be eliminated if the save is used because nobody is eliminated on the week that the save is used, except in season 11 and season 13 when only one contestant was eliminated.The first recipient of the Judges' Save is Matt Giraud. Auditions began July 17 the previous year, and were held in the following cities: Contestants were required to be between the ages 16 and 28 on July 15, 2008 and eligible to work in the United States. One auditioner who received widespread publicity was Katrina Darrell, also known as "Bikini Girl", for auditioning in her bikini.Contestants were ineligible if they had previously reached the semifinal in Season 1-3 and 7, or the top 44 from season 4 and 5, or top 40 from season 6. She reached the Hollywood stage but was cut in the group round.

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