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can’t make it.” I received this message as I was telling the sitter when I would be back and was ready to walk out the door. On my trips to the mountains, I normally have my kids with me and often ski with my son.

He is tall, and I guess that people could assume he is my partner since we’re all bundled up and they can’t see his 13-year-old acne and orthodontia. I have noticed that quality men typically don’t proposition women who are with little kids; this is understandable and, frankly, appreciated.

They include drinks parties and gin tastings through to paddle-boarding and axe throwing. Not only do we provide a social opportunity for people to meet, we're on hand to introduce you at the events too.

Your profile isn't listed online either so there's no pre-conceived ideas about who you're going to meet before you go.

A few weeks before my subscription expired, I went onto the site to disable my profile but decided instead to leave it there until it expired.

This gives you the chance to enjoy a great night out and only share details after you’ve met rather than beforehand. We can help with that too (in fact we already have after every event)!

I recently decided to let one of my online dating memberships lapse.

So, you see Matt, I have already removed a few pertinent details in an attempt to appear less intimidating and yet, as you have so clearly confirmed, even without those tidbits men still find me intimidating.

It doesn’t feel sincere or authentic to me to present myself as less than I am.

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