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Amount owed comprises the second largest chunk at a whopping 30% and is the MAJOR reason that people can open tons of credit cards and still keep their credit score high.

I don’t want any readers who are that lazy or that unaware.You’ll be screwing yourself over by opening cards up and not knowing what they do to your credit score, and I don’t want any part in that. Here is what you should be using: Credit Karma- A completely free website that will give you an approximation of your Trans Union score (called a FAKO score).The downside is that it that the score is only an approximation (although usually a pretty good one) while the upside is that you’ll never have to pay a membership fee, so there is no need to worry about canceling.This doesn’t mean that you can’t cancel credit cards after a year when the annual fee becomes due, but it does mean that you should try to get a few cards that you plan on keeping open for the long-term.This includes cards that have no annual fee (Chase Freedom, Amex Hilton) or cards that have annual fees but also offer an anniversary bonus that cancels out the annual fee (Barclays USAirways card, which has an annual fee but gives you 10,000 free miles each year).

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