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HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO ASSISTANCE AND NO PROTOCOL SET UP. No one should be able to put up a profile without photo Id verification. Scammers are going to ask you for money multiple times daily.

I subscribed to the OKC platform in June and was recently suspended. I was notified today my account will be deleted and will not receive a refund.

My ex-boyfriend who was on a sexual offenders list is on there and we had a horrible break up. It's sad that companies like this are allowed to continue.

He recently posted his profile back up and I believe he made something up. I only gave them 1 star because there is no option to give 0 stars. This site has nothing but scammers from northern Africa and the Ukraine.

Data from both shows a major uptick in young people's political engagement, @maddiecarlisle2 and I report:… Join us in NYC to find yours:… Without seeing your settings it's hard to troubleshoot this, but my guess is that your search parameters are too restrictive.

) knowing where your potential matches stand matters more than ever. November 6th is your voting date, but do you have a date to go with you?

My profile page was also incomplete and didn’t contain anything sexual or offensive. If OKCupid is going to ban fresh accounts with no dirt or terms of service violations, then I’m especially worried for anyone who trusts OKCupid with their most private information...

I have an anxiety disorder and the lack of communication causes me distress. OKCupid obviously has a very diverse member base and asks (optional) information about race, sexual orientation, and voting habits for matching users. I had been a member on OKCupid for several years off and on and recently my account was banned. I am 100% that my messages were not in any way violent, sexually explicit nor harassment of any form.

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How many people will you be attracted if you walked into a movie theater? Now if you want to try online dating or if you have already registered an account on an online dating site, but have not had the courage to start socializing, it's time to start thinking and deciding if you're really up to.The messages were from women responding to messages I had supposedly sent, and some said "gee thanks for the lecture" so I wonder what the messages were saying in my name. when I checked my profile OKCupid had changed my photo to an older gentleman and changed the age to 59 (from 42).It also added what looked like computer generated text to my profile while keeping my original text up top.The user who goes by the user id vornamesurname user on Ok Cupid. At one time Ok Cupid was completely free years ago.Now they try to screw you if you want to see who has clicked they liked you.

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