Dating an older airline pilot

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Very big thanks to pilot Pete for the smooth flight and informative commentary.

Please give yourselves a "big pat on the back" from Bev and me for running a very professional, efficient and friendly service. Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire are among the world’s top travel destinations.

On your Grand Canyon & Skywalk Helicopter Tour, you will experience a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Las Vegas Strip.

Upon landing, get ready to witness a true engineering marvel, the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

He was informative about the Skywalk and the local area.

Please pass on our thanks to them both for making the trip special.

The Skywalk suspends more than 4,000 feet above the Colorado River, extends out more than 70 feet away from the edge of the West Rim, and features a glass bottom walking surface.

Expedited admission to the Skywalk, VIP ground transportation and a Skywalk souvenir photo are included on this adventure.

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