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A Francophile (Gallophile) is a person who has a strong affinity towards any or all of the French language, French history, French culture or French people.That affinity may include France itself or its history, language, cuisine, literature, etc.In other European countries such as Romania and Russia, French culture has also long been popular among the upper class.

The first instance of Armenian studies began with the creation of an Armenian department in the School of Oriental languages, at the initiative of Napoleon.One source noted: "Nor did Frederick have any time for German cultural chauvinism.As an ardent Francophile in matters literary and artistic, he took a low view of the German language, spoke it imperfectly himself, and once boasted that he had not read a book in German since his early youth.It also denoted supporters of the French occupation of Iberia and of the First French Empire.In the 18th century, French was the language of German elites.

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