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Also, if we or our friends wouldn't date you, we won't work with you—we have to connect, we want to feel the chemistry with each individual we work with. We also find clients by putting ourselves in the right environments to meet great people.

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Each client gets an experience that is curated to their wants and needs—it’s like shopping in a high-end boutique versus a mall. Each match is carefully selected using methods we have developed over the years–it’s a bit of science and and a bit of intuition. You'll never find us chasing anyone around, trying to get them to join.It's so one-on-one, handholding, personal and safe. These are perfect for busy New Yorkers who claim they don’t have time to date.The service is not a silly algorithm that is putting you with someone, it is someone who knows you and understands you and your parter on a deep level. Working with a matchmaking service is far more convenient than spending hours swiping, chatting aimlessly and then figuring out a bar, date and time that’s equally convenient for both parties.But finding the right matchmaker is almost like obtaining the actual match: it has to be a good fit, to guarantee they get to know you.Scroll through to see what New York’s most exclusive matchmakers are looking for in a client, their dating red flags and the hefty price tag attached to looking for love.

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