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I felt the room spinning, steadying only when Josh's teacher reached out and squeezed my hand. I didn't show this to anyone, Josh's not in trouble for it. Do it for your son and in the end, do it for yourself. I felt like everyone could literally read my thoughts and I felt so ashamed. I am a single mother, thirty-nine years old and raising a son, Josh who turned eighteen this past summer.

I knew you'd be here for parent-teacher conferences and that we would be talking." Mrs. "I think it's fairly obvious what's wrong with your son, Corinne and I think everything will work out okay. I know he is all you have and you want him to be happy. Thanks for everything." Josh's English Teacher rose up with me. I reached the parking lot and climbed inside my minivan, the "Mom Mobile" as Josh had dubbed it. He started a year late to school due to having scarlet fever when he was six and losing too much time in the fall of what should have been his First Grade year.

I just didn't think how maybe as he got older, hugging and kissing on him could cause problems – or maybe I'm lying to myself, maybe I knew exactly what I was doing, especially over the past couple of years as I watched him mature and start to notice girls and I realized that one of these days he might just leave me.

Maybe I was competing for his affections, flirting with him to remind him that all those high school girls weren't the only ones who loved him. I knew exactly what brought on Josh's current problems.

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As always, this story is fictitious and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. He just doesn't seem motivated." My son's Economics teacher shifted in his seat, trying to surreptitiously scope out my breasts as he continued to discuss the problems Josh was having in his class. Delson, wishing I hadn't picked out this particular sweater to wear to the Parent-Teacher conference.

"We were reviewing for a test over Shakespeare last week and instead of writing notes, I caught Josh drawing this. Josh had always had artistic talent, but the detail here shocked me.

My son had drawn a woman in a reclining position, hints of a sedan or sofa around the edges.

My whole world seemed to be falling apart and I could scarcely believe I comprehended what she was suggesting. I do well as a buyer for a department store in town. My son has been my pride and joy – my source of inspiration and strength all these years.

He's been a good son, until his senior year, a hard working student and except for a couple of speeding tickets, hardly a worry.

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