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Now, all of a sudden, she invites me to all of her parties—I get to meet literally tons of hot girls that love to party through this one connection.Every time she introduces me to one of her friends, you can guarantee that she’s already heard of me. ” An opener like this means infinitely more than any sort of game you can spit.This may be a complete reality-shifting mind-fuck for most guys out there, but what if I told you that it’s infinitely better to be Megan Fox’s best friend, than to have a one night stand with her?When I first got into game, I was all about cold approaching girls and getting one night stands.A lot of the time, if you try to do both, she won’t introduce you to her friends, because she’ll be afraid that they’ll create competition for her. This is why it is sometimes a wise idea to communicate the fact that you’re not interested in her sexually, but just want to be friends—if she realizes that there will be no sexual activity taking place, she won’t get jealous or insecure about introducing you to her friends.Ultimately, you’ll just have to play it out and see what’s ideal for you.With farming, however, you cultivate relationships with girls that will pay off later.

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Now, obviously it’d be ideal to BOTH fuck a girl and be good friends with her, but this is not always possible.Again I continued: “ I can stand here for hours just watching the beautiful view…I never get bored”while talking i was again looking for a common interest to continue the conversation. I introduced myself after 5 minutes of the conversation.while conversing, she also offered me the pop corn. But here the take is she and I used to work in the same campus but for different companies. She is still my best friend and she has really helped me to grow in my life.I never asked for the Mobile Number in the first meeting. If i was shy i would have lost a good friend like her.If you approach them with the right intentions then they can make miracles in your life. I went nearby and started the conversation: I just said…Isn’t a beautiful view from here?These are the questions you should avoid- It might sound creepy to them! She did look at me and smiled and said “ yeah it is”. Like: She was wearing a yellow Salwar Kameez…had a yellow bag to graciously to go with the dress she was wearing and an yellow key chain. (i didn't appreciate..i just mentioned)The conversation lasted for 10 Minutes.

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