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Christian Connection states that it manually checks all profiles for signs that the person is a scammer and has automated systems to detect scammers and prevent them from gaining access to the site.

Christian Connection has links to report members and to report specific email messages.

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Our vision is to connect Christian singles and Christian churches.

When it comes to meeting sexy singles, XXXConnect is the only site you'll ever need.

This information has been painstaking researched and gathered by Joe De Marco in his quest to quantify what was actually built by Fisher Body and Chrysler.

Also if sending such a picture, be aware of where the picture is going to and when the recipient is likely to be viewing it.

Last thing anyone needs is to open up a nice pic of your body, just as the boss or manager walks by.

I want to be respected treated like a women should be.

We seek to encourage interaction and fellowship amongst Christian singles and Christian churches.

We believe that this fellowship and interaction encourages and helps those of us who seek Christian families in the future and strengthens the body of Christ as a whole here in Hong Kong.

服務詳情 香港基督徒交友網絡提供一個專為基督徒而設的交友平台,只要你是基督徒,你就可以免費登記成為會員並撰寫自我簡介及瀏覽其他單身基督徒的簡介。 免費會員可以享用以下服務 尋找對象 瀏覽其他會員簡介和照片 傳送電子微笑表示邀請通訊 接收星級會員寄來之電子郵件 自動搜尋器跟據你的交友要求搜尋對象,並送電郵通知你。 升級成為星級會員是和數佰會員開始聯絡的好方法,我們提供多種通訊工具讓你無限次數的聯絡其他會員。 星級會員可以享用以下服務 尋找對象 瀏覽其他會員簡介和照片 傳送電子微笑表示邀請通訊 接收及回覆星級會員寄來之電子郵件 自動搜尋器跟據你的交友要求搜尋對象,並送電郵通知你。 接收及回覆星級會員寄來之電子郵件 與線上會員利用即時通訊溝通 使用聊天室 立即升級成為星級會員請按這裡登入後按「會籍升級」 我們提供多種不同的訂購選項供你選擇。您所訂購的使用時間越長,平均價格就越便宜。您可以使用我們安全的網上信用卡付費系統付賬,也可以使用其它付款方式。請按購買連結來查看產品價格和付款方式。 我們提供多種聯絡方式讓你聯絡其他會員。所有的訂購收費都不能退款、轉讓或暫停。你可使用安全的網上信用卡付款系統(Paypal),也可存款入匯豐銀行400-241782001後將存根電郵至或傳真28737797。 365日訂購, 每月只需HK0 一次付款 HK00 省33% 180日訂購, 每月只需HK0 一次付款 HK0 省20% 90日訂購, 每月只需HK5 一次付款 HK5 省10% 30 日訂購 , 每月只需HK0 7 日試用 , 只需HK$ 50 立即升級成為星級會員請按這裡登入後按「會籍升級」 會員推介計劃 你現在可透過會員推介計劃免費享用香港基督徒交友網絡的星級會籍服務。你可以主動發電郵給其他會員和上聊天室跟在線的會員交往。記得提醒你的朋友在How do you know about us?

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