Intimidating names for women

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We graduated high school in 2014(same class) and even being out of High School she STILL finds ways to harass me but it's not as common as it was in High School. She used to be one of my best friend's best friend before she moved schools. She was at first extremely nice, sweet, friendly, REALLY funny, and loyal.But sometimes she'd snap and be rude or lose her tempers over nothing and we'd have dramas because of her.I remember this one time she borrowed a dictionary from my best friend then lost it and after my friend confronted her about it she started yelling that she'd didn't have the damn thing and telling her to get over it and humiliating her in front of the class to the point of making her cry.To top it off she was part of our class's "mean girls trio" (Those others' names were Selena and Tala) and were basically everyones' nightmare.If you're trying to write a story that has a mean girl in, this would be the perfect name to use; it would show how she would think of herself higher than everyone else and feel the need to make that clear through the use of physical AND verbal abuse.

Ashley I have a girl that I went to school with that was names Ashley, we were friends but then she turned into my biggest bully for reasons I still don't know why...

She is he head cheerleader of the bunch at Herserky High.

Whittany Driver is a second-in-command and a mix of Adagio Dazzle, TTG!

JUST BECAUSE there are some really nice Ashley's doesn't mean its not a mean name even though there are some really mean Ashley's out there. This is for writing FICTION so the characters aren't real. Heather is a beautiful name I eat stuff Regina That's why her hair is so big, IT'S FULL OF SECRETS.. When we were friends she was dating a guy from our youth group.

Stop acting stupid because your name is Ashley or you know a nice Ashley. Let me tell you, Ashley in my middle school never did her work. - Monty Python Did you know her parents don't sleep in the same bed anymore? - The_Violist Thank you for the mention of Mean Girls. Well, while dating that guy she was told by him not to talk to a specific guy because he likes her and all that. They broke up and I started talking to him as a friend. And she sees a post I made about him and comes reck at me saying he was cheating on her with me and stuff like that.

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