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Not long after we took a road trip to California together, said “I love you” for the first time on Valentine’s day and the rest…it’s not so distant history.Looking back there are a lot of reasons Jordan and I shouldn’t have met.At first people would ask me if our age difference was bothersome, if it was difficult and/or how it affected our relationship.I would roll my eyes and scoff that it didn’t make difference other than that Jordan was more established in his life and career.We both didn’t want to go up to the mountain that day, we both almost flaked out, we both were sort of seeing other people (casually) and we are ten years apart.For Jordan, the latter was less of a big deal than it was to me.

Though I’d always thought of myself as mentally and emotionally mature I still saw 30 as “grown-up” and on the inside I felt too similar to a lost little girl.

Luckily he doesn’t feel compelled to start a family or else our age gap could be a deal breaker.

I have a feeling that as I become more settled in my career, my finances and adulthood the age difference will matter less (once again).

Similarly, Jordan discusses buying a new car, expanding his business, even just heading into the grocery store and buying whatever catches his eye without feeling slightly guilty about shopping at Whole Foods.

Depending on your partner’s spending habits and relationship with money this financial difference may be more or less obvious.

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