Julian dating system

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Much of the focus here is on the macro rather than the micro, giving you a big picture view rather than the small details.Again, this is another reason why having some degree of experience already will help you implement this product more effectively.The two guys seem like they have a decent skill level but I would't say they are the most advanced guys I've seen either.They're able to improvise situations and conversation and overall they portray some attractive characteristics.If you need a more methodical approach to help you learn, then this likely won't be as suited to you.

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If you like a more natural style and don't need as much structure when learning, then you might want to check this out.

A few times they'll make some mistakes or do something that's not ideal, but Julian is pretty quick to point out these mistakes.

There was a clear difference to me between Julian's skill level and knowledge versus the other two guys.

The focus is on attracting girls and getting sexual, with no mention at all about rapport or emotional connection.

Most dating systems usually include this subject within their model somewhere but that's not the case here.

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