Luminescence dating laboratory

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Introduction The laboratory has been actively involved in the development and application of luminescence dating.Investigations on OSL (Optical Stimulated Luminescence) and TL (Thermoluminescence) properties of materials.OSL and TL dating of terrestrial and marine applications (in the case of ceramics or burnt stone, in the case of sediments).The Laboratory also provides education through research experiences for graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and visitors.[read more] Th) present in a sedimentary deposit, an ionizing radiation is emitted which leads to measurable radiation damages within the crystal lattices of the quartz and feldspar minerals (Fig. Within the non-conductors the activated electrons are lifted from the valence band to the conduction band and may be trapped at lattice defects where they are stored in meta-stabile states (Fig. The larger the amount of trapped electrons is, the longer was the time during which mineral grains were exposed to the ionizing radiation.The geo-clock may be read by using luminescence techniques.The first of these is a scanning excitation spectrometer capable of stimulating luminescence from 300-1200 nm with temperature control from -150°C to 400°C, and multichannel photon counting.The second uses a pulsed dye laser, in conjunction with a 5ns dwell time multiscaled photon counting system, to provide time domain analysis of PSL.

by blue LEDs (blue-light stimulated luminescence = BLSL).

By supplying energy, the trapped electrons are released from their meta-stable states whereupon they recombine by emitting a cold light: the luminescence signal (Fig. Depending on the kind of stimulating energy, the technique is called thermally-stimulated luminescence (TL) or optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating.

Further specification is possible with respect to the stimulating wavelength, e.g.

The laboratory welcomes visiting colleagues from other universities, and, from time to time, undertakes limited contract work. This experience was in-depth, interesting and relevant to my previous studies in a wide range of subject areas, including postglacial and paraglacial processes, First Nations affairs in BC and BC's evolving economy.

The laboratory absorbed, and replaced, the Optical and Thermoluminescence dating laboratory in the Physics Department at Simon Fraser University, which closed due to the retirement of its director, Prof.

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