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No one knows if the graves belong to confederate or union soldiers.Those are the graves of 3 adults and a child, along with the Adams family members; all marked.Many employees have reported seeing a figure matching the description of Godfrey Barnsley in the cottages at night, he was the owner of the property in the 1800's.- In the Rice House there have been reports of doors opening and closing and a man in a suit and top hat has been seen by a few people with his arms crossed and staring at you.You can also hear a woman's voice and the cry of a baby.a civil war re-enactor, for the CSA reports while they were in Andersonville they were visiting the Drummer Boy museum.In a couple of the cottages that were moved in from other locations there have been many ghostly phenomena that occurred and reported by guests.- December update: The following was submitted in the past - It is a small family grave yard that also has four unknown civil war soldiers graves.

If you go to this hospital you will have to park your car in the front of the hospital and walk around it to the back where there is an opening in the fence. There was never actually a mental hospital at the naval station.Temperature drops about 10 degrees in old train bed. And there is a part of the Allatoona Lake named Windy Waters people have looked in the water of there and seen her.Sound of light footsteps, assuming a child, running down the hall.The Alpharetta police look but never seem to find any evidence of fowl play in the woods, they stay puzzled wondering and waiting for the next... The Alpharetta police say she only strikes at midnight!Legend says that the ghost of a little girl, daughter of a former housekeeper, runs laughing at night.

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