Pitbull dating jennifer lopez

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), the former American Music Awards host dishes on her relationship with 28-year-old dancer and choreographer Beau “Casper” Smart. ” moves on to describe their tropical Miami New Year’s celebration. The 46-year-old beauty brought her family together and cooked a traditional meal in the spirit of her late grandmother. Lo's 7-year-old twins: Emme was surprised with two adorable Netherland Dwarf bunnies, while Max got his first computer.

More than a girlfriend or a wife, I want a friend." Oh, tell me more.

He's also said, "I've a very solid old-school mentality; the woman orders first, I open doors for women. A woman wants to feel protected and provided for, but at the same time she wants to feel like a woman when you`re making love to her." It seems like very few women have the opportunity to actually date Pitbull, but it suonds like it would be a very interesting experience to say the least.

In regard to child support, Alba's lawyer stated, "Pitbull is a gentleman.

This was resolved amicably."While it is very unclear if Pitbull has a special lady in his life, if you want it to be you this is what he's looking for: "It's best to have a relationship with someone where it's open, where you can say, 'What's your fantasy tonight?

Ben Affleck opened up about his highly publicized relationship with ex Jennifer Lopez during a Times Talks at the NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts in NYC Monday, December 12. The Oscar winner, 44, and Lopez, 47, began dating in 2002 when they met on set of Gigli, which turned out to be a box-office bomb.

"I always have to find any excuse to collaborate with Jennifer," the singer said."You know how you have the angel and the devil, she's my angel.

She's always talking to me like, ‘Why are you so wild and lose and off the chain? But Pitbull also explains that he's learned about from J.

” the comedian candidly asks Lopez, who after replying with an adorable “Yes! The festivities seem to have been nothing but unforgettable, considering the duo took a moment to take in the ocean view several floors high above the beach star, Christmas also proved to be quite special. Lopez, in turn, presented Smart with a dapper tuxedo that she’s hoping he’ll wear on opening night of her Vegas residency “so you look nice.” Proving to know exactly how to stir the pot, De Generes asks if the tuxedo could also come in handy for their wedding.

And we were hanging out,” Lopez tells the talk show host.

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