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Ferreira, Emilio Vital Brazil, Reinaldo Silva, and Renato Cerqueira, #70365 (2018).A Review of Petrophysical Challenges in Pre-Salt Carbonate Rocks Requiring Sympathy, Synergy and Synthesis, Patrick Corbett, Zeyun Jiang, and Leonardo Borghi de Almeida, #70364 (2018).Complex Structural, Lithological and Subtle Gas Traps, Upper Rotliegend, Polish Permian Basin, Hubert Kiersnowski, Krzysztof Wolanski, Krzysztof Kwolek, Wojciech Zarudzki, and Pawel Zwolinski, #11134 (2018).Advanced 3-D Forward Stratigraphic Modeling of the East-Mediterranean Frontier Deepwater Basins: An Approach for Enhancing Reservoir Fairways Predictions, Fadi H.

This got me thinking, "what is the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem?Petrophysical Characterization of 3D Printed Rock and Its Substitution in the Validation Experiment, Lingyun Kong, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Chunxiao Li, and Lei Gong, #42303 (2018). Overpressure and Seal Integrity Evaluation on Oligocene-Miocene Carbonates Reservoir in the Madura Strait Area of East Java Basin-Indonesia, Iko Sagala, Syaeful Amin, and Yanyan Triyana, #11140 (2018).3D Velocity Model Building and Seismic Imaging Combining Tomography and Model Based Approaches in the Peniche Basin, Olivier Clauss and Ylva Malmcrona Díaz-Ambrona, #42302 (2018). Mapping Lower Austin Chalk Primary and Secondary Porosity Using Modern 3-D Seismic and Well Log Methods in Zavala County, Texas, David Kilcoyne and Christopher L. The Paleogeography of the Lacustrine Rift System of the Pre-Salt in Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil, Marcos Fetter, Henrique Penteado, Vanessa Madrucci, and Adali Spadini, #11137 (2018).Rho Ve Method Empirical Pore Pressure Transform, M. Rho Ve Method II: Empirical Density-Temperature-Effective Stress Transform, Matt Czerniak, #42300 (2018). The Influence of Fault-Controlled Dolomitisation on Porosity Modification in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Jack Stacey, Cathy Hollis, Hilary Corlett, and Ardiansyah Koeshidayatullah, #11136 (2018).Pore Pressure Modeling Using Multivariate Geostatistics, Flávia Braz Ponte, Francisco Fábio de Araújo Ponte, Adalberto da Silva, and Alberto Garcia de Figueiredo Jr., #42299 (2018). Heat-Flow and Source Rock Maturity Modelling in the Distal Domain of the West African Margin, T. The Use of Seismic Data in Analyzing Offshore Reservoirs in the Black Sea, Dragos Cristea, #11141 (2018).

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