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Power Vu is a Scientific Atlanta system and can sometimes be received with MPEG-2 FTA receivers. freq under a satellite setup and may note it elsewhere on the setup page.At the bottom of the page I see that all MPEG-2 non scrambled listings are highlighted in a light yellow color. The receiver uses these two frequencies to calculate the L-band frequency that all receivers use to tune the channel. This is the rate the size of the digital package transmission, akin to a modem bit rate.Since most receivers are made for the Asian markets it is not unusual to see satellites such as Asia Sat programmed into memory.

You will never see Time Warner cable programming, i.e. S, CNN, and other international news channels, are available to viewers around the world in free to air mode, but not to the U. These include Saudi TV, Abu Dhabi, Thai TV, Kuwait TV, Syria TV, Taiwan, Iran, and as we go to press, Bloomberg TV all on Telstar 5, ku, which can be received on a .7 meter dish.A couple of thousand dollars an hour for a better bird are not unusual for part time use.WHERE DO YOU FIND LISTINGS OF WHAT IS AVAILABLE The answer is simple, you find it on the Internet. Every day Christian Lyngemark spends a few hours updating information from every broadcast satellite in the world from his office in Sweden. He relies on information from the programmers and satellite owners plus an army of volunteer spotters located around the world. Today, unless you live in an area with no phone access, there is no excuse for not being on the Internet. Starband is available from Dish Network, and Pegasus Express is available from Pegasus that use satellite rather then phone or cable lines.With most MPEG2-FTA receivers, programming is done via the remote control.Fortunately, once the information is entered, the information is stored into the receivers memory.

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