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I've seen sheep all over in SD and even the residents don't stand to draw a tag.Can't see the wife understanding the need to spend k on a hunt. Semostickbow - You probably haven't seen sheep all over in SD unless you count the domestic kind.With his sons, Andrew and Tyson, Mike looks to end The 40 Year Pursuit.It’s that time of the year for The Community crew and this means a lot of hog hunting.In no state can you gain resident status if you are not a resident.For most random tags you are putting in for the chance at 1 Non Res tag. There are very few exceptions to that, none that readily come to mind. I understand for the right price you can pretty much pick up any tags for anything you want..... secretary is late and I'm chained to my desk right now...... Seriosuly you can go on a Dall or Stone hunt every 4-5 years if you save k a year.Even in large, healthy populations you are lucky to get 25 either sex tags. I'm referring to places like Custer State Park & the Black Hills when we've visted, and have seen them on I-70 W of Denver, etc... Quote: "Let me ask a stupid question, why are the tags so hard to draw?

I would rather save for the sure thing than look back 15 years from now and wish I had saved. There are several states where you will need to build points, but there are several where your odds of drawing are as good as guys that have been putting in for 20 years- no one is favored. In Colorado, your buddy would be considered a resident if he is in the military living here.

They are pretty limited to a few areas and are killed when they leave those locations because of their chance to contact domestics.

Sheep populations are spotty, there aren't that many individuals, and they are highly susceptible to disease that may take out the majority of a herd in a year. Wasn't aware of the possibility for disease, that makes sense.

Follow along as they chase bugling bulls on public land and encounter their first opportunity for a harvest at 6 yards away on a roosevelt elk.

After 11 years of waiting to draw this muzzleloader elk tag, Chris quickly began scouting with his hunting buddies to put in the work this tag deserved.

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