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Mark Lehner brings his many years of field research in Egypt to this definitive book.

West was the traditional direct ion of the dead an d the high western desert along the northern capital zone became the burial ground for royalty, courtiers, officials and sacred animals.

In the Old Kingdom the seat of administration m ay have bee n the chief royal residence in the valley below the clusters of pyramids.

In 1 9841 directed a project with Robert Wenke, of the University of Washington, to collect sam ples of organic material embedded in the fabric of pyra mids for radiocarbon dating.

It was an amazing Pyramids, Land and People First to be lit in the morning and catching the last of the sunlight 111 the afternoon, the brilliance of the Giza pyramids has been dim med by the removal of their casing and a patina o f age : climbing over the Great Pyra mid looking v flecks of ch arcoal lef t in the gypsum Such close encounters with pyramids .

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Details o f those pharaohs who built pyramids or are featur ed in the text are given in full, where blown. 3000 BC Early Dynastic Period 2920-2770 1st dynasty Menes (Hor-Aha); Djer, Wadi; Den.

Other pyra m id s have co re s o f sm al le r st on es se t in d ese rt to emphasize fact.

its At rays dawn, as the the sunpyramids, rose over the easternthatcliffs, c aught energizing their sacred precincts with heal and light well before the morning mists had lifted from the cool, sleeping valley floor.

Al high noon fortyfive centuries ago, when the pyramids were com ple te with th ei r fre sh ly sm oo th ed white lim eston e casings, their brilliance must have been blinding.

Only in this light can we appreciate the intensity with which the pyram ids symbolized the sun go d.

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