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Again, in my (not so) humble opinion, Twelve Tone Systems completely destroyed the basic (as well as the advanced) MIDI sequencing features in Cakewalk Professional with any of the later and "greater" versions of the program.

This, because of the additions of all of the various digital audio editing "features" that Twelve Tone Systems added to the newer versions of Cakewalk Professional (e.g. Consequently, Twelve Tone Systems removed a lot of the basic and extremely handy (as well as advanced) MIDI sequencing features from Cakewalk Professional v3.01.

The music would fit any sort of battle scene from most any blockbuster movie genre; Sci-Fi, Military War, Space Battle...

take your pick :) Hopefully George Lucas will be giving me a call soon I've been using Cakewalk Professional v3.01 for MIDI sequencing and composing since I first bought it back in 1995, and I still use it even today as my primary MIDI sequencer.

- August 1, 2013 This is a You Tube video of a "Cracktro" styled intro demo scroller that was created back in 1997 by some shady hacker, for some questionable "Warez" CD of the era.

The intro demo scroller consisted of the single file "RUNME! EXE" (compressed with "PKLite"), and was 162,414 bytes in filesize.

In my (not so) humble opinion, it is absolutely the best MIDI sequencer available, hands down...

as well as being the absolute BEST version of Cakewalk (for primarily sequencing MIDI files).

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Crank up your speakers and rock-out, and cheer along with the crowd if you feel like it :) New!:) Also, another file that you might find handy to download is Professional8That ZIP archive contains an Adobe Acrobat "PDF" format document of the user's guide that was included with Cakewalk Pro Audio v8.0, but a lot of the help and information in that user's guide also pertains to Cakewalk Professional v3.01.which of course, is identical to the first map of the PC game Wolfenstein 3D.The map includes new music, which is simply a medley of DOOM II's "Running From Evil", DOOM's "At Doom's Gate", and Wolfenstein 3D's "Get Them Before They Get You". - December 3, 2010 Been "Rockin' in the Backwoods" again!

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